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Welcome to Bruce Medic Photography. I focus on family portrait work, along with sport and theatre photography. While most of my photos are aimed at local community activities, I am happy to do custom portrait work as well.

Please check out my work, and contact me with any questions.

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Black Belt Test 4-17

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Created 26-Apr-17
Modified 26-Apr-17
Black Belt Test 4-17

Boy's Volleyball 3-17

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Created 26-Mar-17
Modified 26-Mar-17
Boy's Volleyball 3-17

Radium Girls

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Created 4-May-17
Modified 4-May-17
Radium Girls

She Kills Monsters

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Created 23-Feb-17
Modified 23-Feb-17
She Kills Monsters

Once Upon A Mattress

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Created 12-Nov-16
Modified 12-Nov-16
Once Upon A Mattress

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